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Super Strength & Endurance for Martial Arts [Bud Jeffries] on absolute best in physical training, strength and conditioning for your martial arts.
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You DO need strength and a lot of it. You DO need endurance, the more the better.

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You DO need muscle. You DO need to tailor your training to your specific needs. Hang a hard left turn from the far right lane and get this book! This book can be the great equalizer for you. We all know great martial artists who practice their art specifically and have such a genetic gifting for it that they are unbelievable.

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But other than specific technical practice, often these people train stupidly. Falling prey to the same myths that we discussed above. How much better would they be… how much better would YOU be if you could double your strength and endurance while simultaneously increasing your speed and flexibility and molding your newly built physical giftings into the technical craft of your art.

Everybody who is a great martial artist builds serious strength and endurance. They are your greatest weapons and without them you will never fulfill your own potential as a fighter or artist. This book is the key to opening doors previously not believed to be possible. To taking your strength to the ultimate limit… farther than you ever thought you could and simultaneously developing and endurance that never quits.

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Distilled down for you in a simple format to be easily understood and applied immediately. No serving a year indentured servitude on top of a Tibetan Mountain to get to read the first page. Core strength is the ability to move your trunk powerfully, while core stability is the ability to maintain and resist outside force — whether that force is a barbell or your own hand waving around.

An exercise where you perform a movement that directly challenges your core develops your core strength , while an exercise where there is a challenge not to move your trunk develops your core stabilit y. If we use the example of the stationary gyaku-zuki reverse punch twisting your hips from hanmi to shomen half facing to facing you will realize that with a weak core the energy will get lost along the way, and you will have an inefficient technique.

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Bad posture or repetitive movement can easily cause a muscular imbalance — often without you even noticing. The same thing goes when they are too far apart.

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This internal rotation is done mostly by two muscles; the pectoralis major and the subscapularis. This is why strength and conditioning coaches not only look at movements in the sport their clients play, but also look at what movements are not there.

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For this reason, Karate-ka who are hitting the gym should perform more pulling motions, to balance their bodies. This is quite simple. Your body finds a way. The body always chooses the path of least resistance. For example, when you squat and have poor ankle flexibility, your knees are unable to go far enough forward — so when you get to a certain depth you will compensate by letting your upper back fall forward and flex the spine, which is not a good idea when you have a barbell on your back.

If you are constantly tired from hitting the gym, your Karate skills will suffer.

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