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Each main character has been developed into a person you will get to know and understand. A portion of this story is based on the author's personal experiences in Libya in the s. Get A Copy. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

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All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Dale Hetrick marked it as to-read May 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Dan Feltham. Dan Feltham. Books by Dan Feltham. It has no rational reason to exist. The wastefulness of it is very sexy. Woman 1 : Happy birthday Las Vegas! At midnight we officially turn a hundred. Good morning everybody we turn a hundred years old officially in ten minutes. We provided the cake and the frosting tonight. We have sixty tables with two volunteers per table doing nothing but frosting.

They're just going to stand there as if they're making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that'll happen for the next twelve hours. This is a big community event, but it's also a pretty serious undertaking. Look at these people, its one o'clock in the morning, you know its Vegas, so one o'clock doesn't mean anything. There's kids here, there's families that are here.

Watch Las Vegas: An Unconventional History | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

What a great way to be involved in the centennial. Woman 2 It's just nice to see the community pulling together. This is awesome, it's been a long time since we've all pulled together to do something like this. Brian Averna : There's a hundred and thirty thousand eggs in the cake batter alone.

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There's twenty-four thousand pounds of flour, thirty-six thousand cups of sugar. I know that if you added all the calories together we'd be around twenty three million calories for the whole cake. We've got seven hours and we'll probably do it in six hours and fifty-nine minutes. Can you do a quick fix on this before it collapses on us? Oscar Goodman, Mayor : People have been asking me, why such a big birthday cake?

Well, you're only a hundred once, a hundred years old, and to have anything less than that would be very un-Las Vegas. This has to be the biggest, the best, the greatest, the most exciting, and that's what Vegas is, this is symbolic of us. Brian Averna : I think we went over by several thousand pounds, we went a little heavy on the frosting. Oscar Goodman : Now we have this perfect birthday cake, the biggest party, the greatest party, for the greatest city in the history of the world.

Narrator : In , Las Vegas enjoyed a national reputation as America's unofficial mobster metropolis. No other place in America boasted such a rogue's gallery of city fathers. And perhaps none had more clout than Moe Dalitz, a man sometimes known as "Mr. Las Vegas. The onetime kingpin of Cleveland's bootleg whiskey racket, former operator of illegal gambling dens in Ohio and Kentucky, and a reputed player in the national crime organization known as "the Syndicate," Dalitz possessed a pedigree tailor-made for a place like Las Vegas.

At a time when no legitimate enterprise in America would have invested a dime in a casino, Dalitz had sunk some of his dirty money into a controlling stake in the Desert Inn, one of the very first mob-operated resorts to be built out on Highway 91, the road that ran southwest to Los Angeles. Other mobsters followed, and together they transformed the desolate desert highway into the famed Las Vegas Strip -- the self-proclaimed "entertainment capital of the world," the premiere gambling center of the western hemisphere, and the undisputed hub of the place known to Americans as Sin City.

You enter an adult fairyland where a dollar is not a dollar, and five dollars is a chip.

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Thanks to Dalitz and his associates, what once had been a remote western outpost now drew some eight million visitors a year. Without Moe and those guys there would have been no money, there would have been no expertise. You know you could have all the money in the world, but if you don't know how to run the place, you get taken. And you know they knew how to look for the guys who were going to take them.

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  • They knew how to deal with the guys who were going to take them. And they dealt a little differently than the people today who are worried about constitutional rights and all that other kind of stuff. They, they dealt in their own way. Narrator : Over the years, Dalitz had also proved a committed city builder- spearheading countless civic projects and contributing thousands to local charities. As a journalist would later put it: "In Cleveland, Moe Dalitz was a bootlegger; but in Las Vegas, he stands as an elder statesman.

    Smith : If Las Vegas has a forefather, in my opinion, the key player is Dalitz. He was a sharp operator and a tremendous guy with a pencil.

    I mean he was a great accountant. He had diversified business, he understood at an early age that it couldn't always be about bootlegging and gambling.

    Together we can

    You have to diversify. Dalitz was spreading out, was buying real estate, was getting into other businesses. Now were all the businesses legitimate? No, I don't think so, but the bottom line was is that Dalitz was well ahead of the curve. Narrator : Now, in the fall of , Dalitz was looking to capitalize on what promised to be the city's biggest boom yet. That September, United Airlines had introduced non-stop jetliner service to Las Vegas, slashing travel time from the east coast in half and instantly making Sin City accessible to millions of Americans who otherwise would never have made the trip.

    Nick Pileggi, Author : Las Vegas gets so popular, gets so big, that the original people who put it together could no longer put it together, they didn't have the money to make it expand the way it wanted to expand. The men from Cleveland, the men from New York, they don't have that kind of money.

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    • Hal Rothman, Historian : Mobsters built hotels with what I call shoebox money. They went to each other and said, 'I'm building a hotel in Las Vegas, do you want to buy a share? It got to the point that hotels were too expensive to do that. So they needed another source of capital. Narrator : Dalitz knew just the person to tap: his longtime associate, Jimmy Hoffa, President of the notoriously corrupt Teamsters Union.